Explore and interact with 3D shapes on a screen like you never have before.
Fun for 3D fans of any age.
This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

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 ▸  Choose from of a variety of 3D shapes
 ▸  Create colorful & unlimited combinations
 ▸  Add or remove solids with a single tap
 ▸  Drag to rotate 3D images in any direction
 ▸  Zoom in and out for a better view
 ▸  Swipe to spin in any direction
 ▸  3D creations saved in documents
 ▸  Share documents with friends over email
 ▸  Save pictures of your creations
 ▸  Print with AirPrint

There are a variety of 3D solids (polyhedra) that can be fit together to build more complex objects. These polyhedra that can be fit together to form other solid shapes indefinitely are considered space filling polyhedra.

Think 3D allows you to examine and build with many of these space filling polyhedra. Think 3D takes care of all the details, you simply tap to add a solid, drag one finger to rotate your creation.

Tapping the face of any solid will attach another solid to that face. Use the + and - buttons to switch between adding and removing solids.